Mobile Phones are now one of the most widely available personal accessories used in all parts of the world.

Most have cameras built in and they also have the facility to record video. These fundamental tools are readily available and used by people all over the world for the right reasons, and also the wrong reasons.

Forensic Assessment utilise a number of forensic products to assist in mobile phone forensics examination, including the ability to conduct off the chip examinations.

Mobile Phones are commonly connected to computers depending on the type of phone, and if a computer has been seized it is beneficial to run this alongside a computer Forensics Investigation.

This also is invaluable if used in conjunction with cell site analysis.

  • Documents
  • Maps & Locations
  • Social Media History
  • Call Logs & analysis
  • Text Messages (Inc. deleted)
  • Contacts stored on the phone
  • Images including any that are deleted
  • Emails including any that are deleted
  • Internet History

We work closely with Criminal Defence Solicitors and the business sector, and produce the results in a clear concise easy to follow way.