From a Defence perspective, such cases typically involve various issues relating to individuals who face charges in relation to drink drive matters.

With the exception of offering the facility of analysing blood and urine samples in respect of their alcohol content, Forensic Assessment provide a complete service that deals with all other aspects of drink drive matters including:

  • Calculations in respect of claims of spiked / laced drinks.
  • Back calculations in respect of claims of post driving alcohol consumption, the so called “hip flask” defence.
  • Calculations in respect of being drunk in charge of a vehicle, where the defendant requires a calculation to ascertain when the alcohol level would have fallen to below the legal limit.
  • Expert opinion on breath testing instrument procedures
  • Opinion on the time delay between the provision of the two statutory urine samples in cases where a urine is required for analyses

We also provide expert reports in relation to the possible effects of medication on measured breath, blood or urine levels.

In addition, we can provide a thorough overview of the Police Station procedures in cases where an individual has been arrested on suspicion of drink driving including the MGDD/A, MGDD/B and MGDD/D forms and provide expert comment and opinion on our findings.

Finally, if a person has been charged with failing to provide an evidential breath sample, despite attempts to do so, we can provide reports dealing with the interpretation of lung function results (spirometry tests) and the ability to provide an evidential breath samples to the various Intoxilyser breath testing instruments in use.