Forensic Assessment provides a comprehensive package of expert services in respect of cases relating to drugs offences including:

  • Identification and legal classification
  • Purity
  • Chemical profiling in respect of a link between two or more sources of a particular drug
  • Yields from cannabis plants
  • Drug valuation including confiscation proceedings
  • Drug usage rate issues
  • Drug traces on banknotes / mobile telephones.
  • DNA on drugs packaging
  • Fingerprints on packaging

Our experts can deal with all of the above aspects of expert evidence in relation to drugs cases and in respect of any analytical examination that has been conducted on behalf of the Prosecution we can conduct a thorough, robust and critical evaluation of every aspect of the evidence including undertaking our own examination of the items and scientific case records, checking the continuity of items / evidence, in-house laboratory procedures and techniques, and of course the reliability, validity and conclusions of the forensic evidence that is to used in Court by the Prosecution.

In respect of issues such as drug valuation, drug usage rate issues and yields from cannabis plants, our drugs experts can prepare reports simply as an in house paper exercise.

In addition, we can undertake a completely independent examination of items in drugs cases, for instance if a particular seizure of a drug requires to be re-analysed to establish identity of purity