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Types of Forensics

The forensic services carried out by Forensic Assessment cover many different types of forensics. Nowadays, there are a wide range of disciplines within criminal law which forensics can fall into. Some examples include murder forensics and assaults, DNA forensics for sexual offences, firearms forensics and ammunition, forensic fire investigation and arson.

Other types of forensics include fingerprint forensics for burglary incidents, drug forensics and analysis for drug offences, forensic handwriting analysis as well as forensic toxicology tests, used for drink drive or matters or driving whilst under the influence of drugs.

These disciplines are performed by Forensic Assessment in a range of environments including scientific laboratories, utilised by the police and other government organisations. The process of carrying out forensic investigations can be seen in many television programmes nowadays, such as “Criminal Minds”, “CSI:Crime Scene Investigation” and “Bones” although they are somewhat more sensationalised than when used in day to day practices. These types of shows tend to highlight the different types of forensics investigations – from evidence collection to determining a cause of death.

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