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Providers of Expert Forensic Services to the Legal Profession

Forensic Assessment was founded in 1994 and has provided a top class, high quality and comprehensive range of forensic services to the Legal Profession for 24 years. Our primary clients are Criminal Defence Solicitors, although we are also instructed by other Solicitors, businesses and individuals to provide a 100% independent forensic consultancy / service in both criminal and civil cases, as well as disciplinary and family issues.

Our wide spectrum of forensic experts are each recognised within their respective disciplines in terms of their concise and fully up to date knowledge of their technical skills & expertise, expert report preparation skills, and of course witness skills within the Courtroom.

We have primary offices in Coventry (West Midlands), Preston (Lancashire), and Dundee (Scotland), and several satellite offices in other geographic regions, which allows us to provide full Nationwide forensic science services throughout the UK, including Ireland.

Our range of forensic science services includes DNA profiling, blood pattern analyses, footwear marks, fabric impressions, tool marks, fingerprints, handwriting comparison, document examination, all aspects of drug cases including drug valuations and usage issues, legal classification of firearms and ammunition, firearm discharge residue, Arson cases including associated laboratory work, particulate material (eg glass) and fibre transfer issues, alcohol back calculations, drug drive matters, cell site analyses, mobile phone forensics, computer forensics, social network forensics, toxicology, and medical issues such as wounds, bruising, abrasions, lacerations, and incised injuries.

Finally we pride ourselves in that we can prepare our reports under very tight time constraints if required. This might be due to an imminent trial date or a direction by a Judge that a report must be prepared within a specified time period.

Murder & Assaults

Murders and assaults typically include one, or a combination of, stabbings; shootings; physical assaults involving repeated kicking, stamping, and punching; and the use of other weapons such as bats and metal bars.

Other instances include murder whereby a house fire is deliberately started when the occupants are inside.

During the Police investigation into the incident there might be a crime scene examination and of course various Forensic examinations might take place involving items recovered from the scene(s), suspected weapons, and clothing of victim and suspect(s).

Firearms & Ammunition

Firearms and ammunition seized by the Police might be subject to examination in order to establish their legal classification…
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Handwriting Comparison

In cases where the authorship of a piece of handwriting is unknown, or is being disputed / questioned, the role of the handwriting…
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Fire Investigation

The investigation of a fire, once it has been extinguished and is safe, will initially commence with attempting to ascertain….
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